Waggoner Mansion

The Waggoner Mansion in Decatur, Texas

The Waggoner Mansion or El Castille as its often called was built and owned by the Waggoner family from 1883 until 1942. The mansion was mostly vacant from 1922 to 1942 when the Luker family purchased the place. The family continues to live/own the place. The Waggoner Mansion’s Current Condition The house has kept most

08 Dec 2015

Crownover Chapel and Fairland Cemetery

On FM1855 just north west of Marble Falls in the small town of Fairland, Texas sits the Crownover Chapel and Fairland Cemetery. The Church was build in 1870 and a small wooden school house was added to the back of the building. But the building was removed at some point. Crownover Chapel and Fairland Cemetery

09 Nov 2015
The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas

The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas

The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas was the first stone house in town and was built in 1859 by prison labor. The main house was the residence of the sheriff or deputy. The small three cell jail was in the basement with the meals being delivered by a dumb-waiter located outside the east side

02 Nov 2015
Cadillac Yard Art in Texas Hill Country

Cadillac Yard Art in Texas Hill Country–Marble Falls, Texas

Last April a photographer friend and I went on a road trip to do some exploring in Texas Hill Country and parts of West Texas. As we were heading west, we came across an old Cadillac Sitting by the gates of a ranch surrounded by Bluebonnets and other wild flowers. When we saw this, we

24 Oct 2015
Abandoned Farm House East of Decatur Texas

Abandoned Farm House Near Decatur, Texas

For the most part, most of the old farm houses from Denton, Texas to Decatur are gone. At least off HWY 380.  They have been torn down and new homes have gone up in their place. As you are driving out to Decatur, the once two lane road is now a four lane highway that

17 Oct 2015
Texas Texaco Building in Bowie, Texas

Old Texaco Jobbers Plant in Bowie, Texas

In the small town of Bowie, Texas there is an old abandoned Texaco building near the train tracks. At one time it was an old Texaco Jobbers Plant. The Texaco Building in Bowie, Texas As I mentioned before, at one time the old Texaco Building in Bowie, Texas was an old Texaco Jobbers Plant. It even

10 Oct 2015
The road to Jonesville, TX

The Road to Jonesville, Texas

Jonesville, Texas was originally named Border since it was so close to Louisiana. The city of Border was established sometime in the 1840s. But the historians really do not know. The town had its own post office until 1849 when the town was renamed Jonesville, after the town’s first business owner, William Jones. The neighboring

01 Aug 2015

The Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells, Texas

Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells operated from 1931-1956 but, I think the building may be older than that. It was considered a clinic and opened shortly after the Crazy Hotel opened its doors in 1927. The Holy Sisters of Nazareth purchased the building for $135,000 (about $2,011,090 today) and moved into the top floor of

17 Jul 2015
Abandoned Service Station in Italy, Texas

Abandoned Service Station and Truck in Italy, Texas

Back in January 2014, I spend the afternoon exploring HWY-77 from Waxahachie, Texas down through Hillsboro, Texas. A few months before I decided to take this short little road trip I gotten a lead about an abandoned Service Station. What I found was an abandoned Service Station and Truck in Italy, Texas. Abandoned Service Station

05 Jul 2015
Abandoned Dairy Freeze in Carl's Corner, Texas

Abandoned Dairy Freeze in Carl’s Corner, Texas

Back in January 2014 I made short road trip Waxahachie, Texas to pick up some parts for my 1982 K5 Blazer from a salvage yard that was parting one out. After the trip, I decided to do a little exploring as far south as Hillsboro. Although I didn’t get as much exploring done as I

08 Jun 2015
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