The Abandoned Santa Fe Rail Depot in Hamlin, Texas

While driving into Hamlin on HWY-83 from Anson you will find a small rectangular building at the edge of town. Looking at it you might think its just another abandoned building in a small West Texas town. But this one is different. Its actually an old railroad station to an abandoned rail system – Santa

19 Aug 2016
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The Abandoned Booker T. Washington School in Stamford, Texas

As you come into town from US-277 you will see a large one story abandoned building at the north end of Stamford, Texas. It’s an interesting old building that’s been abandoned for years if not decades. The School’s History Booker T. Washington School in Stamford, Texas was built in 1919 for the African American community

12 May 2016
The Abandoned Palace Theater in Anson, Texas

Abandoned Palace Theater in Anson, Texas

One of my favorite types of architecture is the old movie palace era (1910s thru the 1940s). During this period even the smallest theaters in the smallest towns were works of art. These old theaters are a dying breed, and there aren’t many left. Many of them have been demolished, sit vacant, or are now re-purposed stores

02 Apr 2016

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

On one my road trips to explore Fort Phantom Hill I came across a small abandoned farm house near Abilene, Texas. This little farm house is old. At some point, the family living here grew large enough for another small addition to be added out back. But eventually it wasn’t big enough and the family

21 Mar 2016

Fairview Cemetery and Chapel in Tuxedo, Texas

Fairview Cemetery and Church in Tuxedo, Texas was founded in 1890 when John Page Free was buried in December 1890. There are over a 1000 interments with a few being laid to rest in the last fifteen years. Currently the cemetery and church is maintained by the Fairview Cemetery Association. The association has an annual

12 Mar 2016

The Old Lovvorn House – South of Stamford, Texas

Back November of 2014 work sent me to work in Anson, Texas for the week. During that West Texas business trip, I had the chance to explore Stamford, Texas. On my way up to Stamford, I came across an abandoned farm house south of Stamford, Texas. The Old Lovvorn House – Abandoned Farm House South

25 Feb 2016
Abandoned Farm House Near Hamlin, Texas

Abandoned Farm House Near Hamlin, Texas

Back in November 2014 I was up in the Abilene area for work. During that time, I was able to get some exploring done up near Anson, Texas. One of my trips was to Hamlin, Texas a small town near Anson and surrounding areas to run down a few leads. During that time, I came

18 Feb 2016

Abandoned Pink Farm House in St Jo South of Illinois Bend, Texas

Last week I posted about a small farm house I found a few miles south of the pink. This week, I wanted to share with you a cute little abandoned pink farm house in St Jo, Texas south of Illinois Bend, Texas. Condition of the Abandoned Pink Farm House in St Jo, Texas South of

26 Jan 2016
Abandoned Farmhouse Near HWY 677 and Farm-to-Market 373N

Abandoned Farmhouse Near FM 677 and FM 373 N

On one of my trips to Oklahoma City I decided to take a detour a little farther west on HWY-82 than I normally do. I mapped out a small road trip to the historic small town of Spanish Fort, Texas and then up through the back roads of rural Oklahoma to my destination. While driving

13 Jan 2016
Abandoned Farmhouse West of Sherman, Texas

Abandoned Farm House West of Sherman, Texas

This farm house is on another old farm that’s up for sale. The house itself is in good shape at least the outside. The roof looks like it was replaced in maybe in the last 10 years or so. Normally houses of this era have a different style shingle and if it was abandoned decades

29 Dec 2015
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