Author: James Johnston

Tundra Village in San Antonio, Texas

Tundra Village in San Antonio, Texas is on the outskirts of Southern San Antonio just minutes from the Toyota Plant. Construction started in 2006 with phase 1 coming to completion in 2008.  But due to construction issues and other legal issues the townhome project was never completed. It sits in abandoned limbo waiting for investors to purchase and complete the project. Story of Tundra Villa in San Antonio, Texas Tundra Village in San Antonio, Texas was to be a 4-plex townhome community. The development sits on 28 acres and currently has 37 buildings. The plan was to build several...

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Abandoned Farm House in Bruceville-Eddy, Texas (Demolished)

For more than ten years I have made the drive from Dallas, Texas to San Antonio, Texas. During my years in college I made the drive down to San Antonio almost every weekend and holiday to visit my wife (girlfriend at the time) at Trinity University. I must of made the trip over a hundred times and then every couple of years for personal reasons or business. During the early years, I didn’t pay much attention to the abandonments along the way. Then I made the trip about five years ago and noticed a run down and abandoned  farm...

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Abandoned Farm House North of Itasca, Texas

Over two years ago I was working in Italy, Texas for a week and on my way back to Dallas, Texas on the last day of work I did some rural exploring. Since I knew of several old farm houses in the area but never had the time to stop and check them out, I just had to find them again. After exploring the area, I found that two of the three old houses in the area were demolished or in a complete state of collapse and just waiting for someone to haul away the remains. The other one,...

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The Hewitt House – Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 & 2006 Movie Remakes

This old southern plantation house is the  Hewitt House (movie prop) used in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 & 2006 movies and its located in Granger, Texas. But there’s more to this old house. It has a real history that needs be shared. The Hewitt House – Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 & 2006 Plantation House Originally this beautiful old house was built in Austin, Texas in the 1850’s and was located where the University of Texas was built.  The house is 6,000 square feet with six bedrooms and is of a southern plantation design. The family who is part...

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A Small Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas

After finishing up some photography work in Stamford, Texas and  heading back to my hotel in Abilene I decided to stop at a small farm house south of Stamford, Texas. It’s about halfway between Stamford and Anson. Its across the street from a large farm. A Small Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas During my time in the area, I had seen this small farm house several times as I came to and from Stamford. It was hard to see it from the road there was some trees and bushes blocking its view from the road but you...

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