Author: James Johnston

September 2017 West Texas Rural Explore Road Trip

Its been a few years since I have been out on a true road trip and in the last few months, I was able to make 3 day trips that were more than 3 hours away. I plan to share those trips and the places as I find the time to edit those images. Today I wanted to give a sneak peak of one our 750 mile round trip West Texas Rural Explore Road Trip that started in my small town of Blue Ridge, Texas to where I met up with a friend in Decatur, Texas and then traveled...

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The Old Wheeler House, Honey Grove, Texas

West of Honey Grove, Texas on Highway 56 are the remains of the long time abandoned Wheeler House (Locals refer to house the Wheeler Place). The house was built in 1854 by Wiley Husey. Mr. Hulsey, his wife, and ten children lived the house up until is death in 1880 (not sure when the family moved out). In 1884 the property was sold to Peyton Wheeler and his wife Martha Jane Hamil Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler’s plantation had 700 acres and 500 of those acres were cultivated. He helped Honey Grove in the early development of the town. He also was...

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Bug Tussle, Texas

The town of Bug Tussle, Texas has a small population (less than 50 people?) and is at the junction of FM 1550 and State HWY 34, ten miles south of Honey Grove and five miles north of Ladonia in southeastern Fannin County. You won’t find this town on the GPS, it can be found on Bing Maps and Google Maps. In the 1890s the town was founded by John Settler and had a post office from post office in 1893–94. For some reason the name of Truss, Texas was changed to Bug Tussle. There are three popular stories to...

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Abandoned Farm House East of Ector, Texas

On one of my after work road trips I decided to explore east of HWY 56 from Sherman, Texas to as far I could drive in two hours. I decided to stop every abandoned house/building (worth stopping at), small town downtown square, and abandoned vehicle. One of my stops was ab Abandoned Farm House East of Ector, Texas Abandoned Farm House East of Ector, Texas As I was heading towards Bonham, Texas I came across an abandoned farm near Ector, Texas. You really can’t see it because its just off a gravel road and the grass is so tall...

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The Bonham Drive-In

The Bonham Drive-In Theatre was probably built in the fifties and it closed down sometime in the 80s. All that is left is the old marquee sign. The new land owners have demolished the only remaining building (old ticket booth) and the North Texas Auctions building was added along with the a chain link barbed wire fence. The Bonham Drive-In Theatre Marquee Condition   The sign is in rough shape. Most of the neon is gone and one of the letters is missing. The announcement board was removed (or just covers the old board) and the new company name...

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