The Futuro is a flying saucer shaped, prefabricated house designed by Matti Suuronen in 1968 and was in production until 1973 when the oil crisis caused the halt in the production of these futuristic houses.

Due to the short amount of time on the market and a horrible market campaign there were only about a hundred of these produced. Today, there is a small group fans that keep track of these houses and have recorded that there are less than fifty of them left around the world.

The houses were made from fiberglass reinforced polyester plastic that Suuronen had used in past projects. The Futuro was designed in way that it was easy to transport and could easily be assembled on site in two days. Or if you had the money, you could have it assembled at the air field and it could be airlifted to a hard to reach location. All you need is four concrete piers and you could place this house almost anywhere.

Since the house used an integrated polyurethane insulation and electric heating system, the house could be heated and cooled in thirty minutes.

Why The Futuro House

The Futuro was created in a time when technology advancing by leaps and bounds, space exploration, economic growth, and people had more free time. So Matti Suuronen was commissioned to design a ski cabin that was “quick to heat and easy to construct in rough terrain.” And in my opinion he created a trendy house that is not only art, but might popular today for those that love art or someone who  just want something that looks like a UFO.

The Remains of the Royse City Futuro House

Abandoned Futuro House near Royce City

The Futuro house out in Royse city can be found out in Rockwall County off HWY 276 Between Royce City, Texas and Quinlan, Texas.

After some research, I found this particular Futuro house may have been the one that has been around the Garland area decades earlier. I have heard stories that there was an old abandoned flying saucer house in Garland when I was in high school. But I never could find it and some have said that it was sold for scrap. In order for this house to be same as the one in Garland, the one Garland would have had to been moved to Royse City in the mid 70s. I’m looking into this theory and hope to at least find out when the Garland Futuro House was in Garland and when it moved. I received conformation a few months ago that this Futuro house is not the one in Garland. I have some friends trying to track it down. If anyone knows what happened to the one in Garland, Texas. Please contact us.

As you can see, I found the Futuro house and its in rough shape. From the research of this particular house, its been sitting in this spot since at least 2003  1975. At some point, renovations were started. But for some reason, the house was gutted and has been in this state since at least 2010.

In the summer of 2014, the owner has repainted a nice orange color. But the owner did not touch the interior.

The house in rough shape and people have left their thoughts on the wall of the this old house. Even though its in rough shape, its far from lost.

Since this is a local landmark I would love to see the city or the historical society save the landmark. But until then, it will sit there and rot away until someone has the love and want to restore this rare house. In the last few months, I heard a rumor from someone local to the area that the owner is unreachable and has ignored all offers to purchase the Futuro house and has plans to keep it as a landmark.

If you know anything about this Futuro house, please contact me. I would like to contact the owner to talk with him/her about the house and if he plans to do anything with it, or knows something about the history of the house, I would like to track its history, document, and possibly find pictures of this house when it was being used.

To see more images from this shoot and to purchase any of these images, check them out on Flickr.

Update: Since posting about the Futuro House Landmark in Royse City, I have received many tips, leads, and more details that I can now update its history. Once I can verify some of the information, it will be added to the article. Much of this information received isn’t easily accessed and we find here at Vanishing Texas the best way to learn about a local Texas landmark, historical location, or even an abandoned structure is to talk with those that live in the area and know their local history. To those that commented, thanks for the comments, personal historical accounts, and leads.

This article is active and will be updated each time we receive new information that can be verified.

Author’s Note: This article was originally posted on my personal blog – Abandoned Futuro House Found in Royse City Texas on 2nd, 2012. This article has been updated with new images and a small amount of updated information about the house.

About the Images

The images were shot using an older Canon Rebel T1i and EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens or with a Sony NEX-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 lens over a two year period. I then edited the image in Adobe Lightroom. I post processed with Topaz Clarity to add texture, brighten, and bring out the details in the image. Then I removed the dust spots. Finally, I used Topaz DeNoise to remove the noise from the image.