Sadly many left and forgotten farm houses are lost to history. In the past many of these homes were the dream homes for homesteaders, their happy places, and for some just a place to earn a living. Many of the families living in these old houses moved on, upgraded to a bigger and better place, and some lost them to the bank. So many of the of the abandoned farm houses have stories to tell us but no one knows them. At Vanishing Texas we try and find those stories and share them. But in many cases even the current property owners do not know the stories or care not to share them. In order to consolidate the large number of abandoned farm houses out there we have decided to start an abandoned farm house series. We want to share farm houses by county. As we find more houses we will add those houses to county article. We hope that as readers look at the houses that are in our abandoned series they will recognize the house and they will share their knowledge with us. Our first series are abandoned farm houses in Ellis County, Texas

Ellis County, Texas

Ellis County, Texas is a mostly rural and small Texas towns county with Waxahachie as the county seat. The county has a total of 952 square miles. This county has a lot of rural land and a ton of back roads to explore. I have only explored a small portion along Interstate 35 and Interstate 45, small portions of Highway 34 and dirt roads that connect to 34.

Abandoned Farm Houses in Ellis County, Texas

Our first county to share is the abandoned farm houses of Ellis County, Texas. I have plans to explore Ellis County in the future and as I find more house to share, I will add them here. If we learn more about any of the houses listed here, we write an article about it.

Abandoned Farm House Near Avalon, Texas

A few years back I was exploring the back roads near Avalon, Texas and came across an old house just off the road. It set far enough back that its looks like it was a house. But it looks more like a commercial building or barn that was converted to a residence.

Abandoned Farm House North of Blooming Grove, Texas

During my explore near Avalon I was heading south towards Blooming Grove when I found an old abandoned farm house hidden in a stand of trees. I’ve driven past this stand of trees 10 or 15 times in a six month period of time and never saw it. During the growing season, the trees and weeds are so thick that you can’t see it. The only reason I saw it wasI happened to be passing by at sunset on a winter afternoon when I looked over at the stand of trees. There isn’t much left. The house has been salvaged down to the priceless wood floors. I would love to know more about this old house.

Abandoned Farm House South of Italy, Texas

I’ve seen this old farm house for years as I drove up and down I35E making trips from Dallas to San Antonio and I always wondered about it. In 2014 I had some time to kill so I figured how to get to the old house and took a quick look. Its (was?) just of the interstate next to a community water tank system that’s south of Italy, Texas. You can’t miss it.  Its been years since I have driven that way. I would love to know the story behind this old house. If you know its story please contact us.

If you would like to share your pictures with us, please contact us. We would love to share your abandoned farm houses in Ellis County, Texas. Please contact us for details.

About the Images

The images in this collection vary as to when they were shot. Most shots happen in the afternoon and shot by hand using Sony Nex-3Nand a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 lens. I then edited the images in Adobe Lightroom. I then post processed them using Google Nik Collection and Topaz Labs for color correction, adding contrast, and remove noise.