Month: January 2017

A Small Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas

After finishing up some photography work in Stamford, Texas and  heading back to my hotel in Abilene I decided to stop at a small farm house south of Stamford, Texas. It’s about halfway between Stamford and Anson. Its across the street from a large farm. A Small Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas During my time in the area, I had seen this small farm house several times as I came to and from Stamford. It was hard to see it from the road there was some trees and bushes blocking its view from the road but you...

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Two abandoned Farm Houses and Old Ford Econoline Motor Home Near West Sinton, Texas

While driving back from Corpus Christi one weekend I came across two old farm houses and a Ford Econoline Motor Home near West Sinton and I had to stop and take a couple of pictures of the houses and motor home. Two abandoned Farm Houses and Old Ford Econoline Motor Home Near West Sinton, Texas I found the houses and Econline motor home off a muddy heavily rutted dirt road that I probably couldn’t find it again if I wanted to. The houses and the motor home have seen better days. The roofs on both houses are full of...

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The Benton City Institute Near Lytle, Texas

The abandoned Benton City Institute was considered an important part of the early education in the area. It was located in the Benton City, Texas and is the only remaining building left in town.  The building was built in 1875 and was established in 1876. It was called the Benton City Normal Institute. The institution operated under the Texas Law that designated funds to supplement private tuition and was owned and operated by the educators. The school was originally run by John D. Morrison. Benton City Institute Then in 1876, the top floor was bought and used by Atascosa...

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Say Goodbye to the Old Sanger-Harris Building at Valley View Mall

Recently I came across an article that said the old Sanger-Harris building at Valley View Mall is set for demolition and their permits gives them 180 days to demo the building and the permit has already started. To confirm this I drove by the old building two weeks ago and I was able to see demolition equipment in the parking lots and contractors hauling out debris to the dumpsters.  So if you are a fan of those old mosaics on the building you will need to get out there soon to take some pictures. The mosaics are to be...

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