Month: December 2016

Abandoned Farm House and GMC Truck sitting on Blocks in Anson, Texas

On a trip to west Texas I came  across an interesting abandoned farm house in Anson, Texas that’s on the edge of town. When I saw it I just had to stop and get a better look and take some pictures of the house. I posted a few pictures and I received responses from other rural photographers referring to this house as the prosthetic house. Before leaving town, I asked a couple of locals about the house, they knew the house and confirmed that the house had some prosthetics in it. Apparently this is a well known house. Condition:...

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Abandoned Farm House Near Anson, Texas

A few years ago I spent a week in Anson, Texas on business. During my time off I had time to explore the surrounding areas. During one my late afternoon trips I came across a large abandoned farm house near Anson, Texas.  This find happened by accident driving down a dirt road that was surrounded by recently plowed fields and a few fields ready to be plowed. On one of those roads I came across a very old abandoned farm house. Its been abandoned so long that the farmer works the land right up to the old house. Just...

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