Month: March 2016

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

On one my road trips to explore Fort Phantom Hill I came across a small abandoned farm house near Abilene, Texas. This little farm house is old. At some point, the family living here grew large enough for another small addition to be added out back. But eventually it wasn’t big enough and the family moved on. Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas – Condition This small farm house is in rough shape but I’ve scene worse last for years after it should have fallen in on itself. This one’s only danger is when the owners decide its time...

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Fairview Cemetery and Chapel in Tuxedo, Texas

Fairview Cemetery and Chaplen Tuxedo, Texas was founded in 1890 when John Page Free was buried in December 1890. There are over a 1000 interments with a few being laid to rest in the last fifteen years. Currently the cemetery and church is maintained by the Fairview Cemetery Association. The association has an annual meeting each year and recently held their 124th a few years ago. The Location of the Fairview Church and Cemetery in Tuxedo, Texas The church and cemetery is located between Anson, Texas and Tuxedo, Texas. Its two Miles South of Tuxedo, Jones Co., TX. on...

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