Month: December 2015

Abandoned Farm House West of Sherman, Texas

This farm house is on another old farm that’s up for sale. The house itself is in good shape at least the outside. The roof looks like it was replaced in maybe in the last 10 years or so. Normally houses of this era have a different style shingle and if it was abandoned decades ago, the roof would be in bad shape. The additions to the rear of the house look to be in the worst shape, but if someone wanted to save this old house, it wouldn’t be impossible. There’s even a storm cellar out back that...

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The Waggoner Mansion in Decatur, Texas

The Waggoner Mansion or El Castille as its often called was built and owned by the Waggoner family from 1883 until 1942. The mansion was mostly vacant from 1922 to 1942 when the Luker family purchased the place. The family continues to live/own the place. The Waggoner Mansion’s Current Condition The house has kept most of its original craftsmanship and material. Most Victorian homes do not come close to having this much of the original craftsmanship and material left. The Waggoner mansion is classified as“authentic.” The interior and exterior walls are made of solid porous limestone. The exterior is...

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