Month: November 2015

Crownover Chapel and Fairland Cemetery

On FM1855 just north west of Marble Falls in the small town of Fairland, Texas sits the Crownover Chapel and Fairland Cemetery. The Church was build in 1870 and a small wooden school house was added to the back of the building. But the building was removed at some point. Crownover Chapel and Fairland Cemetery – History “Backbone Valley’s first public building, started 1859 on 7-acre tract donated that year by heirs of settler Jefferson Barton. Finished 1870, chapel was named for the Rev. Arter Crownover (1810-76), whose preaching of Methodist faith opened its use. Building soon also housed...

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The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas

The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas was the first stone house in town and was built in 1859 by prison labor. The main house was the residence of the sheriff or deputy. The small three cell jail was in the basement with the meals being delivered by a dumb-waiter located outside the east side of the house. The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas Then in 1888, the county sold the property to A. H. Whitehead and was used for city water works until 1938. It was then sold and used as a private residence until 1967. The...

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