Month: October 2015

Cadillac Yard Art in Texas Hill Country–Marble Falls, Texas

Last April a photographer friend and I went on a road trip to do some exploring in Texas Hill Country and parts of West Texas. As we were heading west, we came across an old Cadillac Sitting by the gates of a ranch surrounded by Bluebonnets and other wild flowers. When we saw this, we had to turn around and take a closer look. Cadillac Yard Art in Texas Hill Country–Marble Falls, Texas It turns out the old car is a bright yellow Cadillac Series 62 sedan behind the stone walls of a Texas Hill Country ranch gate. The...

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Abandoned Farm House Near Decatur, Texas

For the most part, most of the old farm houses from Denton, Texas to Decatur are gone. At least off HWY 380.  They have been torn down and new homes have gone up in their place. As you are driving out to Decatur, the once two lane road is now a four lane highway that carved its way through the rural landscape. In its wake, multi-generation farms and ranches disappeared and were replaced with new small and large modern neighborhoods and new commercial ventures. In the next few years, I imagine there won’t be much of the rural landscape...

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Old Texaco Jobbers Plant in Bowie, Texas

In the small town of Bowie, Texas there is an old abandoned Texaco building near the train tracks. At one time it was an old Texaco Jobbers Plant. The Texaco Building in Bowie, Texas As I mentioned before, at one time the old Texaco Building in Bowie, Texas was an old Texaco Jobbers Plant. It even had old fuel and oil storage tanks on the property. But all that old equipment was removed years ago. All that is left is a couple of old pumps sitting on the porch and an old Texaco sign hiding in the nearby grass. Now...

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