Month: July 2015

The Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells, Texas

Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells operated from 1931-1956 but, I think the building may be older than that. It was considered a clinic and opened shortly after the Crazy Hotel opened its doors in 1927. The Holy Sisters of Nazareth purchased the building for $135,000 (about $2,011,090 today) and moved into the top floor of the 46-room building to server the patients. The building was closed in the 1960s. But the clinic itself was temporarily housed in the Crazy Hotel until 2009. Then it was moved to its new building. In the late 1980s through the most of the...

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Abandoned Service Station and Truck in Italy, Texas

Back in January 2014, I spend the afternoon exploring HWY-77 from Waxahachie, Texas down through Hillsboro, Texas. A few months before I decided to take this short little road trip I gotten a lead about an abandoned Service Station. What I found was an abandoned Service Station and Truck in Italy, Texas. Abandoned Service Station and Truck in Italy, Texas The only reason I found this old abandoned station and truck was a lead from a local photographer that found it while passing through town. The only clue he gave was the abandoned service station is in Italy, Texas....

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