Month: April 2015

The Barrow Family Filling Station in Dallas, Texas

The abandoned Barrow Family Filling Station is the childhood home of Clyde Chestnut Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde). It was built sometime between 1910 and the 1920s. It was sold in the 1940s and has exchanged hands multiple times and the building housed several different functions over the years. If you go back and look into Clyde’s childhood, you will find that he spent most of his time in juvenile detention or on the streets committing crimes. There is an old photo him standing in front of the filling station by the pumps so he at least visited or had...

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The Flying Tiger Airport & Flight Museum in Paris, Texas–Closed

The Flying Tiger Airport & Flight Museum in Paris, Texas once housed a great collection of retired old war birds and few other air planes. Years ago the owner closed the airport and museum  down and eventually sold or returned them to their owners. The Flying Tiger Airport & Flight Museum in Paris, Texas From what I found during my research, the museum had some incredible retired war birds that were restored and on display for the public. The few planes they had were a B-17 Flying Fortress (bomber WWII), P-51 Mustang (WWII), F-86 Sabre, and a F4U Corsair....

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